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Two Trump supporters were injured on Saturday when an apparently crazed woman drove through the crowd in Yorba Linda, California. Tatiana Turner, the alleged Black Lives Matter member was the person who is accused of ramming through the peaceful group.

It was alleged that there was a pro-Trump protest countering a nearby Black Lives Matter protest. After a video showing Turner driving her car into the group it is being reported that she has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. Chuck Callesto tweeted about the news:

“BREAKING REPORT: Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After DRIVING THROUGH CROWD of Trump Supporters..”

The group that Turner was reported to be a part of was called Caravan4Justice, a Black Lives Matter supporting organization. Police have confirmed that they believe she is a member. Brian Rokos reported on Twitter with a long thread detailing the events as they unfolded. If you view the bottom tweet on Twitter you can see the entire thread.

The picture below may be somewhat disturbing to some viewers, so viewer discretion is advised:

Daily Mail reported:

Furious crowd members chased the car, hitting it with flag poles, but within seconds police intervened, taking the female driver into custody.

The two injured people, a man and a woman, were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, said Carrie Braun, spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Many on the right have been disturbed by the seeming double standard that has allowed for protesters to oftentimes riot and loot around the nation and get away with certain things that many other people would not normally get away with in a situation being seen by some as domestic terrorism from the radical left-wing Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups in some areas.

Although it appears to be relatively clear what the lady in this instance meant to do, it’s still encouraging to see a solid charge that will hopefully stick, to show that there is still some blindness in the legal system, even if not in every city and state. Time will tell how the charges develop and it’s good nobody was killed in this incident.

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