Watch: With One Pad of Paper Judge Amy Coney Barrett Sets-Up Dems & Makes Them Look Like Complete Fools

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During Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing, she was peppered with legal questions from Democrats about LGBTQ rights, the ACA, abortion, and election laws.

Politely, Barrett sat unnerved by the Democrat’s inquiries and answered every question.

Here’s an example of Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) asking Judge Barrett about election laws.

Here are a couple more examples.

People watching the hearing noticed that Judge Barrett doesn’t move much, after attentively listening she answers the question. Then people started to notice that Barrett is answering questions without using or taking any notes.

Senator Cornyn (R-TX) also noticed and asked Judge Barrett this…

Democrats multiple times looked down to reference their notes as they asked questions and ranted about the politics surrounding Judge Barrett’s nomination.

During Democrat Senator Durbin’s 45 second rants he looks down at his notes at least twice.

However, Judge Barrett made them look like fools.

Yeah, she’s that impressive.

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