Watch: Judge Barrett Made Mincemeat Of Democrat Senators During Hearings

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During the confirmation hearing I was keeping an eye on mainstream media reporters who were oddly more focused on gaslighting the coronavirus and the Trump Administration not wearing masks.

They probably didn’t focus on Barrett’s confirmation because she was making mincemeat of Democrat Senators like Cory Booker, who once again, made a fool of himself.

Democrat Senators were so furious they were tripping over their talking points. New Jersey Senator Corey booker claimed, “Roe v Wade and Obamacare were the will of the people.” What he forgot to mention was Democrats lost the most seats since 1938 after Obamacare was passed.

Kamala Harris couldn’t be bothered to walk from her office into the committee room and appeared to use a teleprompter to give her remarks.

During her opening remarks, Judge Barrett was fearless and she gave no apologies for who she is. She said, “I believe in the power of prayer” and that “nothing is more important to me” than my family.

She jabbed at the ruling class.
“I’d be the only sitting justice who didn’t attend school at Harvard or Yale,” Barrett said. “But I’m confident Notre Dame could hold its own and maybe I could teach them a thing or two about football.”

I thought this was a breath of fresh air.

Compare the above to Democrat Senator (I lie about my military record) Blumenthal who sounded like a petulant child.

Judge Barrett has more class than all the Democrat Senators in that room or speaking remotely.

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