Washington Supreme Court Rules Against Socialist – Sawant Fails To Stop Republican Movement To Recall Her

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Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant has been under heavy scrutiny for some time, and her recent effort to avoid a recall didn’t go as planned.

Sawant had appealed to the Washington state Supreme Court to stop the recall movement against her. She was alleging that “Seattle’s corporate elite” are just trying to push city hall to the right.

But the high court didn’t agree with her.

Sawant, an avowed socialist, is accused of abusing her office title and betraying her role as a member of the town council.

However, ever since the accusations came down, she’s been fundraising to save her position. She frequently sends messages to her supporters complaining of “right wing billionaires.”

As she posted on Twitter:

None of her complaints were enough to sway the Washington Supreme Court, though.

While the court wouldn’t uphold a charge against Sawant that she violated employment rules, they did say the recall movement could press forward.

From Fox News:

The recall effort against socialist Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant can proceed, the Washington state Supreme Court ruled following an appeal to stop the movement.

Sawant has been a socialist activist in Seattle for some time, and she allegedly led a large group of protesters into City Hall late one night.

She’s also accused of joining another group of protesters outside the home of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. At the time, the Mayor said this reportedly “put her children in danger” and protesters even vandalized her home.

This put Sawant in a difficult spot.

And that’s when the recall movement kicked into high gear. Those standing against her further accuse Sawant of misusing city resources and failing to meet public disclosure requirements.

Sawant’s legal team argued that the charges were “factually and legally insufficient” for a recall.

But the state Supreme Court struck that down and the recall can now proceed — now they just need 10,000 signatures in the next 180 days to take the next step.

Given the amount of people in Seattle who take issue with Sawant, that might not be too difficult to obtain, either.

Key Takeaways:

  • Washington Councilwoman and socialist Kshama Sawant lost an appeal in the state Supreme Court.
  • The court has ruled that a recall effort against her can proceed.
  • Sawant is accused of abusing her position, misusing city resources, and failing to meet public disclosure requirements.

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