[VIDEO] Young White Liberal Women Are Doing a Disturbing New “Move” When Confronting Trump Supporters

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We’ve all seen the left go bonkers and act like complete and total fools, right?

This is not exactly “breaking news.”

But, what I am about to show you, kinda is.

So, I discovered that there’s a new “protest trend” spreading amongst crazy young white liberal women.

Apparently, this is the new thing that they do when confronting anyone who disagrees with them: behave like rabid dogs.

Nope, not joking.

They snarl, growl, and bark uncontrollably…and it’s not just these folks in the video below – apparently, this is a hot new (mentally unstable) phase for lots of these lost, confused, and totally misguided millennial women.

Check it out, but don’t get too close, I am sure they’ve got rabies.

You can watch the video below:

This is what happens when you raise a generation of people to believe that “everyone is a winner” and “all children are special snowflakes.”

Neither of those things is true.

Life is filled with losers, and hardly anyone is amazingly unique.

We have a bunch of scared, confused, self-centered kids who got trophies for being “bench warmers” barking like rabid dogs in the street because they can’t handle or accept that the fact that people don’t agree with them like their doting, feckless parents.

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