VIDEO Trump cancels $300M aid to Pakistan where US flags are burned – now they hate America for free

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Pentagon drops $300 million guide to Pakistan. 

The US military says it is dropping $300m (£230m) in help to Pakistan over what it calls Islamabad’s inability to make a move against activist gatherings. 

President Donald Trump has recently blamed Pakistan for misleading the US while getting billions of dollars. 

For what reason Should the US Give Them a Solitary Penny when they yell ‘Demise to America’? 

American Citizens were given a billion dollars to Pakistan and they were harboring fear mongers that were executing American fighters 

English Citizens Give $220 Million to Store Islamic psychological oppression – as it were, the English Government takes $220000000 of citizens cash to subsidize The Palestinian Specialist which pays compensations to Muslim fear based oppressors who did fear monger assaults “for the sake of Allah”. 

The more individuals they slaughtered the more cash they get to the detriment of the Australian citizens. 

The Palestinian Specialist is going to lose its fear based oppression financing from USA, Canada, UK and Australia. 

Consistently Billions of dollars of American, Canadian, English and Australian citizens’ cash go to the Palestinian Expert. 

PALESTINIAN Expert PAID Psychological militants About $350 MILLION Of every 2017 , Worth 7% of its financial plan and an astounding half of its outside guide receipts. 

The Palestinian Specialist pays $580 every month to Muslim fear based oppressors who are condemned to three to five years in jail.

The Palestinian Specialist pays fear based oppressors who are condemned to 20 years or more in jail 2835$ every month – at the end of the day, the individuals who perpetrated increasingly serious violations and were engaged with killing

 Christians or Jews get multiple times More cash every month for whatever remains of their lives.

Western nations must quit financing the Palestinian Specialist. 

England, the US and Australia should quit financing the UN. 

The U.N. General Get together chosen Qatar, Congo and Pakistan to its best human rights body, joining existing individuals, for example, Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba and Venezuela.

Nations that training Sharia laws have been human rights guard dogs. Indeed, even a nation like Iran has been given a seat in the UN Human Rights Chamber. 

Iran Where ladies are battered to the point of death, where gays are executed in an open square. 

Christians are fiercely oppressed in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Ministers are imprisoned for reasons unknown, no reason other than for being Christian pioneers. Christians have been lashed for tasting wine amid petition administrations; Christians have been fiercely tormented for 

doing simply rehearsing their confidence. 

Saudi Arabia is the leader of the Human Rights Chamber, a nation where there are no Christian natives, even Christian transient specialists are aggrieved by the experts on the off chance that they practice their religion. 

No religion is permitted to exist in Saudi Arabia with the exception of Islam, any individual who leaves Islam is executed. 

Pakistan is the most noticeably bad nation for Christians to live in. 

Under sharia sacrilege law Muslims murder Christians on bogus charges of offending the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran. 

These nations are hijacking the UN bodies to push the counter Israel and hostile to Western plan. 

They utilize the Assembled Countries to assault Israel which is the main popularity based state in the Center East where Christians are free and ladies are not viewed as natives in rank. 

Over the most recent two years Benjamin Netanyahu slice 90% of Israeli guide to the UN after U.N’s. Social Organization passed a goals denying the Jewish and Christian association with Jerusalem. 

Western nations ought to pursue Israel – Cut all financing and Report Withdrawal From U.N.  

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