VIDEO Barack Obama Is the Greatest President of Our Lifetime, Say 44% of Americans

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In the past, President Barack Obama may have left the white residence for another 12 months and a half, but he is far from being forgotten.

In fact, Americans are replicating him so fondly that he is now visible as the “perfect” new year president, in line with a brand new pew research center survey.
The survey, which asked the open-ended question of “which president has carried out the best procedure for the duration of your life? “Discovered that 44% of respondents did not forget that Obama was the fun or 2nd good president they experienced.

With the help of bill Clinton, Obama changed to 33 percent and Ronald Reagan to 32 percent. Meanwhile, through 19 percent of respondents, president trump, now not even halfway through his time period, has been voted great or second nice. Notwithstanding that, trump landed at a comparable element in his presidency in which Obama did. 20 percent of respondents regarded Obama as one of the best presidents in his 2d 12 months in office.

That large variety has now more than doubled (maybe absence makes the coronary heart grow founder), with a majority of respondents treating all presidents favorably to Obama limit.   Tons of this assist, possibly unsurprisingly, comes from more youthful citizens and democrats.
 Millennials, who’ve most effective lived to look a handful of presidents, had been the most probably to name Obama because of the quality president, with 62% of millennials viewing him as one of the top and 46% naming his because of the pinnacle. Older generations, however, were more likely to deem Reagan the great commander-in-chief, with 45% of gen Xers naming him, and a near 41% and 39% naming Obama and Clinton respectively.

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