Trumps Makes Major Changes To Schools – Donald Signs Executive Order To Yank Feds From K-12

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The President just gave us all a Christmas present!

…just don’t expect it to make front-page news. As a result, we’ll tell you why you should be excited:

It’s a new executive order signed by Donald Trump, and it gives power back to communities and families.

Trump has promised to lessen the power of the federal government. And he’s doing exactly that.

He’s also putting the individual citizen first, which is a godsend.

Parents, you’re going to love this!

Via Washington Times:

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to start pulling the federal government out of K-12 education, following through on a campaign promise to return school control to state and local officials.

Yank the feds out of our schools! Yes!

Trump’s new order is called the “Education Federalism Executive Order. It involves reviewing many Obama-era policies.

And best of it all, there’s this:

The order empowers Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to: “modify or repeal measures she deems an overreach by the federal government.”

This is what we’ve been waiting for!

The President says the government has overstepped its bounds for WAY too long. Now, he’s going to fix that.

Here’s my favorite quote:

For too long the government has imposed its will on state and local governments. The result has been education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less.

My administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to families, cities [and] states — give power back to localities.

This might be one of the best things Trump has ever done.

I love the idea of empowering individuals and taking the government out of our schools. Don’t you?

Above all, the President supports every parent and citizen concerned with education.

It’s just another reason to vote TRUMP in 2020!

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