Trump Turns The Tables On Pelosi – After Canceling Relief Talks, He Turns Around And Proposes $1.8T Bill

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After Democrats dragged out talks for a new relief bill, President Trump shut it down.

He said that the talks could resume after the election, when politics won’t be (as much of) a factor.

Democrats—and their media—exploded. Yet if they cared so much, why didn’t they make a deal in August?

But now we’re seeing how Trump was building a deal, all along.

And he’s calling for Congress to go big. From Trump’s Twitter:Covid Relief Negotiations are moving along. Go Big!More details from Fox Business:

The White House is preparing to offer a new $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief deal two days after President Trump abruptly called off negotiations on another round of aid for American workers and businesses still reeling from the pandemic, according to a senior administration official…

It’s unclear what specific provisions will be included in the drafted legislation, but the earlier plan included a fresh round of $1,200 stimulus checks; expanded unemployment benefits at $400 per week and additional funding for state and local government.

President Trump revealed that he was ready to sign a new relief bill—but one that was much smaller than the Democrats’ plan.

The deal his administration put on the table would cost nearly $2 trillion. It would focus on bringing relief to Americans still suffering thanks to state-mandated lockdowns.

Democrats had proposed bills of a magnitude much higher. They wanted to spend trillions on projects unrelated to COVID.

Trump accused them of trying to bail out blue states that have been in debt for years. In truth, the Dems’ bill allocated quite a bit to their buddies in state governments.

Now would be a good time for Congress to put aside partisan bickering to get a deal done.

It would be a clear sign to Americans that this Congress can get along, and is worthy of re-election.

But if Democrats shoot down this bill, they will be saying, “We don’t deserve your vote.”

Democrats are taking a gamble that not only will Joe Biden win, but they will gain the House and Senate.

Those odds are long indeed.

If they were smart, they’d take this deal from Trump.

But we aren’t going to hold our breath waiting.

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