Trump Shreds AOC, Buttigieg, Omar, Pelosi, Tlaib, Schiff and More in Epic Interview

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President Trump unloaded on members of the Democratic party during an exclusive interview with Laura Ingraham of Fox News. The President specifically targeted Pete Buttigieg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, John Kerry and former President Barack Obama.

Below, the Daily Wire highlight the biggest moments of the interview. Check them out:

1. Trump suggested that Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) would have leaked information to the media, if given the opportunity, that the Trump administration was preparing to take out Qassem Soleimani:

INGRAHAM: Are you worried that the Democrats can’t be trusted with classified information? Because that’s kind of what it sounded like when Pence gave that interview and talked about sources and methods the other day.

TRUMP: I am worried about it, certainly. I am worried about it. Can you imagine? Here we are, split-second timing, executed — like nobody’s seen in many, many years — on Soleimani? Can you imagine they want us to call out and speak to crooked corrupt politician Adam Schiff?

Oh, Adam, we have somebody that we’ve been trying to get for a long time. We have a shot at him right now. Could we meet so that we can get your approval, Adam Schiff? And he’d say, well, let’s do it in a couple of days. Oh, OK, let’s wait a couple (ph) — it doesn’t work that way, number one.

Number two, they leak. Anything we give will be leaked immediately. You’ll see breaking news, we’re about to attack in 25 minutes or do something. And by the way, I’m not somebody that wants to attack. I probably could’ve attacked 5 times, 10 times having to do with Iran. I’ve been very guarded because I don’t want to do that.

2. Trump slammed far-left Reps. Ilhan Omar (MN), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), and Rashida Tlaib (MI) over their anti-Semitism and took a special shot at Ocasio-Cortez over her general lack of knowledge:

INGRAHAM: Ilhan Omar I think said today that this is akin to economic warfare against Iran, even though she supports sanctions against Israel.

TRUMP:  Yes. She hates Israel. She hates Jewish people. And you just have to take a look at her rhetoric.

It’s incredible what’s happened to the Democrats in Congress. They used to be supportive of Israel. Today they are supportive of her and Tlaib. That’s another real winner, Tlaib, and AOC who knows nothing.

AOC knows nothing. Poor student, poor everything and then she comes and she talks about the Green New Deal and all these poor fools. Say, oh, isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it wonderful?

But as I said last night in Ohio, I don’t like talking about the Green New Deal. It’s too early. I want to save it for about two weeks before because they may change their mind.

3. Trump hammered former President Barack Obama, saying that the billions that he gave Iran was a major catalyst for an escalation in their global terrorism campaigns. Trump also hit former Secretary of State John Kerry, saying that he violated the Logan Act, which criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized American citizens with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States:

TRUMP: The Iran nuclear deal signed by President Obama gave them $150 billion, and that’s when the real terror started. They took that money and they used it all over the place.

You look at Yemen, you look at all of the things that were happening, including Syria, they were using — I want to say they gave $1.8 billion in cash — $1.7 billion, $1.8 billion in cash. Green cash, beautiful, green cash.

You almost say where do they — how do they have the power to do this? Plane loads of cash — and instead of Iran saying thank you very much. That’s really nice. Let’s go and get along. Let’s do well. Let’s do deals together. Let’s build buildings in Iran — they said death to America and they said it when they were signing. When Kerry signed — and by the way, Kerry violated the Logan Act.

INGRAHAM: He’s out there — he’s out there just slamming you —

TRUMP: Well, no. He totally violated. This man totally violated the Logan Act with his conversations, OK?

But when Kerry was out there and making the deal, and they have people screaming, “Death to America. Death to America,” I say, who signs a deal while they’re screaming death to America? This was —

INGRAHAM: John Kerry was up there yesterday saying, well, you guys got out of the Iran deal and that’s what’s caused all the tension —

TRUMP: You know how bad the Iran deal was? The Iran deal, I did a great thing getting out of the Iran deal. They gave them 150 (ph) — they gave (ph) them the 1.8 billion (ph), forget that. You couldn’t do inspections at the most important locations.

And you know another big thing? They have the right to do ballistic missiles. We couldn’t go into areas and, look, we’d have to give massive notices. So if they were doing something, they could clean them up. It was ridiculous. But most importantly, it expires.

This is a short-term agreement. And now, once it expired, they have an absolute, clear, unstopped path to have nuclear weapons, unstopped. In a very short period of time, the deal that President Obama made with John Kerry, who may be the worst negotiator I’ve ever seen, that deal expires.

And you know what? Once it expires, you can’t do what I did, I mean, because they have a deal that says, once it expires, they can do what they want to do. You cannot let Iran have a nuclear weapon, that’s what I’m doing.

4. Trump slammed Mayor Buttigieg and Rep. Jackie Speier (CA) for falsely suggesting that the United States was somehow responsible for Iran shooting down a passenger plane:

INGRAHAM: Pete Buttigieg and other Democrats, I — I predicted this when I talked to Mike Pompeo yesterday, are actually blaming your moves against Iran for the downing of that commercial jetliner in Iran, in Tehran the night of this the strike by Iran to our Iraqi facilities. Your reaction to that charge?

TRUMP: Well, a couple of people started that and they got hit real fast by a lot of different people, not me. I think it’s just low life — look, he’s not going anywhere, he was a lousy mayor of a place that is not doing well, and Indiana is doing unbelievably well. Indiana, the state had the best year they’ve ever had, thank you very much. But that city was badly run. If you look at what’s going on —

INGRAHAM: Jackie Speier’s saying–

TRUMP: He’s going nowhere, and she’s another beauty. I mean, take a look at her past. Check out her past, please.

5. Trump slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) for not achieving much in her role, predicting that she will go down as “one of the worst Speakers in the history of our country”:

TRUMP: I think for the good of the others. Look, Nancy Pelosi will go down as probably the least successful Speaker of the House in the history of our nation. She has done nothing, the only thing she’s done is she finally got done one of the best trade deals our country has ever made to USMCA, that’s with Mexico and Canada — but I did that.

She doesn’t even know what it says — she has no idea what it says. She was forced to do that — you know why? She wouldn’t have done it, but she did nothing. So now she can say I signed something.

She is obsessed with impeachment, she has done nothing. She is going to go down as one of the worst Speakers in the history of our country. Now, in all fairness, she’s hurting our country. She’s very bad for our country.

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