Trump Is Back And Better Than Ever After COVID-19! Shocks Dems & What He Just Proved Has Biden Terrified

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We recently published a post highlighting that Democrats are petrified about the coronavirus.

A Gallup survey found that an overwhelming majority of Democrats are incredibly frightened over getting the virus and do not want things to go back to normal. The hysteria generated by the media and Democrats has frozen their base.

Here’s a great example, earlier this week White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows – wearing a mask – went to Capitol Hill and was asked for comment about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing. He moved the microphone 10 feet away from reporters so he could address them without his mask on and you could hear the reporters gasp.

This week President Trump did his first rally outside the White House since battling the coronavirus, he was amazing!

President Trump even danced a little jig.

Remember, just a week ago the Press was claiming that President Trump was near death and was trying to spin up a conspiracy that the White House was lying about his condition.

Biden and the Democrats want you to fear the Wuhan virus and stay locked up in your home. Trump just proved you can get the virus – granted you may need to get treatment – but you can beat the virus and there is nothing to fear.

Here’s some more proof, before the rally started left-wing pundits claimed that President Trump wouldn’t make it through the rally and hinted he may be taking drugs.

The hysteria created by the media is literally blowing up in their face and Biden’s talking points are going up in smoke.

Lastly, I couldn’t pass this up. On the same day President Trump did a rally and danced to YMCA after recovering from the coronavirus, Joe Biden forgot what office he was running for.

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