Trump Asks Where Baltimore’s Money Went – Then Report Surfaces, Shows Millions Of Dollars Just “Disappeared” Into Thin Air

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President Trump called to attention the massive problems going on in Baltimore.

The media went after him—because that’s all they know how to do. But his statements forced people to really look at what’s going on in Elijah Cummings’ district.

And you know what? Trump made a pretty good point. His administration actually gave the city billions last year.

That money was supposed to go to help the people. But somehow the city is still a mess and the money is gone.

Where did that money go? Right now, the mayor of Baltimore is demanding moremoney.

WOW. Do you believe this? Trump accused Baltimore of wasting funds. And here we have, in black and white, the proof that money did just “disappear.”

Some city departments are so corrupt, they simple call spending “unknown.”

They’re not even trying to cover up their theft!

Almost every department within Baltimore’s government lacked any tracking of funds. Re-read that sentence, because that kind of thing is unthinkable.

Honestly, it’s not legal. Any government department is supposed to track spending of taxpayer money with a fine-toothed comb.

As a former government contractor (for the federal government), I can tell you that you can’t buy a pen without filling out paperwork.

Yet Baltimore has blown through MILLIONS with NO RECORD of where the money went!

Um… corruption much? This is more than just a red flag. This proves that the city wasted all that tax money.

Who knows what they’ve been spending it on? Government officials could have been sticking it in their pockets. They could have used it to throw lavish parties or to bribe companies.

How can we guess that? You don’t lie about where money goes—when you spend it legally.

Yet this city is so mismanaged, led by people utterly incompetent, that they aren’t even keeping track of spending.

And if Baltimore—a major city—is doing this, how many more are doing it as well? Perhaps an audit of every major sanctua

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