Susan Collins Brags That She’s Working With ‘Small Group’ To Grant Pelosi’s Wishes

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Once Nancy Pelosi finally transmits her bogus articles of impeachment to the Senate, she will have a crucial ally who is already working to undermine President Trump.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine admitted that she is currently working with a «small group» of Republican senators to bow to Pelosi by calling witnesses in order to bolster the House’s shoddy job. 

Never one to be a team player, Senator Susan Collins is once again siding with Dems on the key demand for President Trump’s Senate trial.While speaking with reporters in Bangor on Friday, the narcissistic Collins divulged that once again, she is looking to place an inordinate amount of importance on herself by leading a gaggle of Never Trumpers against the POTUS.

Collins continues to be a thorn in President Trump’s side as she was when she joined now dead Senator John McCain to save Obamacare, giving millions of Americans the shaft to stick it to a president that she has never supported.

Speaking to reporters on Friday at the end of a visit to the Fruit Street School in Bangor, Collins said she had been working all week with a “fairly small group” of Republican senators and party leaders to ensure trial rules would allow House impeachment managers and Trump’s lawyers to call witnesses.

Collins declined to say how large the group was, but she said “we should be completely open to calling witnesses.”

“I am hopeful that we can reach an agreement on how to proceed with the trial that will allow the opportunity for both the House and the president’s counsel if they choose to do so,” she said.

The star witness sought by Pelosi would be fired national security adviser John Bolton, an arch neocon with an ax to grind whose ill-advised hiring could come back to haunt Trump.

Collins had recently come out against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who has defied Pelosi’s efforts to influence the upper chamber.

Her admission that she is actively involved in a plot to usurp his authority is par for the course for a devious RINO from a state with a minuscule population who has managed to remain a «Republican» despite always having a foot in the enemy’s camp.

She could become a hero of the resistance if she is able to expand her «small group» which all but certainly includes Mitt Romney, a pathetic loser who choked like a dog in an election that was his to win and gave a second term to Barack Obama.

Other possible members of her treacherous clique are  Lisa Murkowski, Richard Burr, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, Rob Portman, Cory Gardner, Pat Toomey, and Marco Rubio.

Collins is up for reelection this year and it is one seat that might as well go to a Democrat because what’s the difference?

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