Supreme Court Considers Rolling Back Another Amendment – 4th Amendment Could Be Restricted As “Community Caretaking”

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With a slim majority in Congress, Democrats are rushing to ram their agenda down America’s throat.

Even the Constitution is not a barrier to what they want to do to this country. We all know about their apparent war on the First and Second Amendments. Democrats appear to have little respect for our free speech, religious rights, and our rights to bear arms.

But appears to just be the tip of the iceberg. Now it seems like Biden and his cronies want to violate another amendment. They will be able to reach right into your home, if the Supreme Court allows it.

From Forbes:

The U.S. Supreme Court considered Wednesday whether it’s permissible under the Fourth Amendment for police officers to enter people’s homes without a warrant in limited circumstances under a “community caretaking” exception, which the Biden administration has backed but has provoked objections from civil rights groups…

The American Civil Liberties Union, Cato Institute and American Conservative Union Foundation filed their own brief opposing the policy as being a dangerous slippery slope, which could “give police free rein to enter the home without probable cause or a warrant.”

For once, it appears that the ACLU is actually on the right side of a constitutional case.

The Supreme Court is going to decide if the police (which would include federal law enforcement) have the power to enter a home without a warrant, on the basis of “community caretaking.”

The ACLU and other groups claimed this is a “slippery slope.” The episode being discussed involves police entering a man’s home, taking his firearms, and subjecting him to “psychiatric evaluation.”

All against his will. Why did they do this? Because they claim the man “expressed thoughts of suicide.”

Does that give police and the government the right to violate the Fourth Amendment? Can’t police acquire a warrant quickly to do the same thing?

A doubt a judge would object to such a move, if there is credible evidence that a man was a threat.

Jumping over the Fourth Amendment lays the groundwork for other abuses. What if the man wasn’t a danger to himself, but someone lied about him?

What if the cops decided to discriminate against someone and made up the claims?

This is the very thing the Fourth Amendment protects us against: a police state where the government can invade our homes on the flimsiest excuses.

(If you don’t believe me, dictatorships like China and North Korea do this all the time.)

The Supreme Court’s decision will not only affect situations where self-harm is possible. Cops and the government will use it to excuse other invasions of privacy.

Unless the court upholds the 4th—all bets are off.

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