Sharia Law may be headed to America

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Sharia Law goes against America and yank values. which is why New Yorkers square measure upset concerning the new “Muslim Community Patrol.”

Sharia Law in America?
Can we actually let one thing as brutal as law into America? These Muslim patrols square measure harassing folks. Europe has seen it. And currently America can similarly.

New Yorkers in borough have seen Muslim Community Patrol cars. they appear precisely like police cars, and therefore the members of this patrol cluster even dress like police officers. Why is that this allowed?

Americans concern What’s to come back
Americans are nervous that these patrols are simply to enforce law, that appears to be the case. The examples given during this video in different parts of the planet show what the goal of this patrol is. Americans shouldn’t need to live in concern.

These Muslims try to impose a law on Americans that’s oppressive and goes against people’s freedoms. And there are different situations in the big apple that make new york want Muslims square measure crossing lines and going against yank law.

What is America attending to become if this can be not stopped now? The Muslim Community Patrol is progressing to expand to hide the whole city of new York. and they should be stopped, before it’s too late.

It’s Time Americans find out about Islam, Islam includes a crucial doctrine referred to as HIJRA. Hijra is Jihad by migration, a political maneuver accustomed overtake and conquer Kafir (non-Muslim) countries. this can be precisely what the huge Muslim immigration is near to Western countries.

And this can be the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood organizations like CAIR, Muslim Student Organizations and therefore the Muslim representatives in Congress. This helps make a case for the motives of new elective Representatives @RepRashida and @IlhanMN – who square measure Muslim, anarchist, anti-Israel, anti-american, and PRO-JIHAD.

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