Report: FBI Just Raided Biden’s Brother-Linked Company – Accused Of Peddling Political Influence

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Almost every news cyle you can find fresh accusations leveled against Democrats. Top leaders have a history of facing claims they abuse their power for personal gain.

But, as if on cue, men like Joe Biden deny, deny… and deny some more.

Americans have real questions about what the former vice president’s son did in China and Ukraine. Instead of simply answering them, Biden deflects.

Well, the questions keep mounting. We’d like to see the presidential candidate answer this.

From Real Clear Investigations:

FBI agents last month raided the home of the CEO of a bankrupt hospital chain and one of its hospitals in Pennsylvania in new signs of trouble for a company central to accusations of influence-peddling by James Biden, brother of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Hmm… FBI just raided the home of the CEO of a bankrupt company, connected to Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden.

James Biden was previously mentioned in a lawsuit against the company, alleging fraud. James Biden was considered to have a “prominent role” in the company.

According to the lawsuit, he handed out business cards, naming him a “principal” in the company.

The federal case against the company says the CEO had “grossly mismanaged” the business. Various charges include ignorant public safety concerns and using money for his “personal benefit.”

It’s a pretty tangled web, one that will most likely not end well for the company’s CEO.

But what we want to know is, how was James Biden tangled up in this? Was he just a bystander, an innocent victim of someone else’s wrongdoings?

Or was he in on it?

Funny how people closely connected to Joe Biden have problems that raise serious questions.

We really don’t know the connection, but shouldn’t someone find out. Someone, say in the Justice Department?

Joe Biden wants to be the president. But how can anyone vote for him, when these issues keep lingering and piling up?

Maybe it’s all just a coincidence. But maybe Americans are starting to worry that Biden’s family members like to use his influence for personal gain?

That’s definitely a question he should answer, don’t you think?

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