Pelosi Publicly Humiliated – Her Entire Legacy Is Destroyed

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 Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi spent a lifetime of political capital on the sham, partisan impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Political capital that took her decades to build was squandered because she decided to capitulate to the extreme left base of her party.

On her show this weekend, Fox News host Judge Jeannine Pirro excoriated her and the “public humiliation” she has brought on herself.

“The public humiliation of Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat caucus of sycophants who dare not oppose her is actually an embarrassment to watch,” the host said in the opening monologue segment of her show.

“Her impeachment of the 45th president of the United States is born not of truth, facts or evidence, but rather of a historic vitriolic hatred usually reserved for an enemy of the state,” she said.

“In the end, it is her animosity, frenetic, irrational and baseless actions against this president that will ultimately hoist her on her own petard,” she said. “And might I add, no one deserves it more.”

As Pirro acknowledged, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats rushed the impeachment of President Trump in December, claiming at the time that it was of extreme urgency.

They said that they had to impeach the president with haste because he was lawless and had to be stopped before he did irreparable damage.

But then she sat on the Articles of Impeachment for weeks before finally agreeing to send them to the Senate and Majority Leader, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell.

No matter how many times she, and Democrats, were asked why, if the impeachment was so urgent, she did not send them immediately, she had no good answer.

“So, she rushed the vote because of the urgency involved. We cannot wait. We’ve got to stop him. The president is going to do it again. And the sky is falling, too. And yet there was no case to send to the Senate,” the host said.

“So, like a child caught in a lie, she dithered for weeks hoping something, anything might happen to make the president look bad,” she said. “But every day he kept on working and winning. So finally, she explained her reason for procrastinating. She wanted to ensure a fair trial in the Senate.”

Pirro said that the Speaker “was so caught up in her own image as the imperious queen Nancy, that she, of the lower House, imagined herself the doyen of the upper house, the Senate chamber of which she has never been nor will she ever be a member.”

Pelosi then made it worse this weekend when she appeared on the ABC News show “This Week” with host George Stephanopoulos and said she would consider impeaching the president again if the Senate does not convict this time, which it most likely will not.

“You said he’s violating the Constitution again and again. Do you think it’s possible the House may have to file new articles of impeachment?” Stephanopoulos said.

“Well let’s just see what the Senate does,” Pelosi said.

Pirro took her to task for that, saying that the impeachment was never about justice but about their desire to damage the president.

“House Democrats simply want to take out the most successful president Americans have put in the Oval. The one who has made the economy soar, who speaks our language, who actually wants us to succeed, who took out two of the world’s most dangerous savages, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Quds force Gen. Qassem Soleimani with no civilian losses and no boots on the ground. The president, who has made the world safer and brought Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism to her knees,” Pirro said.

“But Nancy, you don’t care. His success offends you,” she said. “But I guess you hate him because Donald Trump changed the planned political establishment legacy order.”

It is a sad legacy for the Speaker but one she did to herself.Popular in the Community

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