Patricia Arquette Says If Trump Wins In 2020 We Will Face ‘Extinction’ And ‘Destruction Of Our Planet’

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Self-proclaimed actress and activicst Patricia Arquette is trying to create a stir to to voice her anti-Trump opinion.

On Wednesday, the actress urged her followers to vote for Democrats in the White House, Senate and House in a series of three tweets.
After Super Tuesday results, in which Joe Biden had a very big night, the 51-year-old “The Act” star took to Twitter to push her liberal agenda and voice her opinion against President Donald Trump.

According to Arquette, voting for Democrats is the only way we can all be saved from “mass extinction.”

“Donald Trump has done nothing but expedite Climate Change inducing policies with 4 more years that would only get worse. Say no to mass extinction and the destruction of our planet. Vote Democrat,” she wrote on Twitter.

Her comments come after Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the
Democratic presidential race, endorsing Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren has since also terminated her campaign.

“If Sen. Bernie Sanders somehow nabs the Democrat nomination and beats President Donald Trump in November, he’ll need Democrat majorities in the U.S. House and Senate”, Patricia Arquette said.

“Look at it this way- The strongest liklihood of Senator Sanders passing legislation is to have a Democrat in the White House, a majority Democrat Senate and House. Make it happen,” she said in another tweet.

“Yoo Hoo. Women’s right to chose is hanging by a thread. DO NOT LET TRUMP WIN. You lose the courts for a generation you will lose many things,” she wrote in her third tweet.

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