Nancy Pelosi LOSES IT on CNN after Wolf Blitzer presses her on why SHE refuses to make pandemic deal with WH [VIDEO]

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In a rare television moment, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer actually held Nancy Pelosi’s feet to the fire for 13 minutes on why she won’t agree to a deal with the White House on badly needed pandemic aid, and she couldn’t stand it:

From the beginning Pelosi was visibly angry in this interview – even down right hostile to Blitzer, accusing him of being an apologist for President Trump. And this was after he quoted two different Democrats calling on Pelosi to make a deal.

You really should watch as much of that interview as you possibly can, because it’s kinda like watching a slow motion train wreck the entire time. Also and again, it’s just so rare to see Pelosi being held to account like this. It’s amazing how thin her skin is as she lobs insults toward Blitzer.

But in case you just can’t watch that much of the interview, here’s a quick clip of the ending:

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