Muslim woman whines: I don’t feel safe in US wearing a headscarf with Trump as President

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Alaa Basatneh is Muslim and has been wearing a headscarf for as far back as 12 years. In any case, nowadays when she heads outside, she changes to a cap.

“It’s never again safe to stroll in the city with a headscarf,” she revealed to CNN’s Carol Costello on Wednesday.

Basatneh, a Miami-based author who spreads equity for the news and culture site Fusion, said quite a bit of this dread stems from Donald Trump. The President-elect said during his battle that he needs to restrict Muslims from going to the United States and recommended that profiling would be a viable method to forestall psychological oppression.

“It’s never again safe to stroll in the city with a headscarf now,” @AlaaBasatneh tells @CarolCNN.

— CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) November 16, 2016

“[Trump] truly opened an enormous injury inside the Muslim people group,” she said. “What’s more, to me, by and by, I think he needs to apologize for what he’s been stating. Furthermore, … console the Muslim people group that we will be sheltered.”

In a TV meet that publicized Sunday, Trump approached his supporters to quit hassling minorities.

To outline her point, Basatneh disclosed to Costello that a couple of days prior a more established white man sitting close to her in a Miami medical clinic lounge area took out a folding knife and put it on the vacant seat between them.

“I felt compromised,” she said. “I was stunned. Also, I was holding on to be wounded only for the way that I was wearing my headscarf.”

Basatneh said that when the man got up, he said “expel them all” as he strolled past. More regrettable, nobody else in the room responded.

“There were around 20 individuals in that room,” she said. “Furthermore, everybody just carried on their typical discussions as though nothing occurred.”

Being Muslim American in the time of Donald Trump

Numerous Muslim ladies wear headscarves, or hijabs, as an indication of their confidence and an image of humility.

Basatneh said she has been forced to bear negative remarks previously, however had never observed somebody take out a weapon. She additionally said she isn’t sure when things will show signs of improvement. In any case, she shared some guidance for her kindred Americans.

“Become acquainted with your Muslim neighbors,” she said. “Become more acquainted with increasingly about Islam … simply become more acquainted with us more, since we are broadening a hand.”

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