Muslim Leader Threatens “I Swear All The Muslim Will Leave U.S If Trump Ban Sharia Law”

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A Prominent Muslim Leader Has declared this today “I Swear All the muslim will leave U.S if Trump Ban Sharia Law” Did Trump really

Banned sharia law in the united states ? Actually, In contrast to what most websites publish Trump confirmed

that the ban would not apply to muslim citizens of the u.s seeking to re-enter the country after traveling abroad.

In the event that there was one normal topic for the last … 4 years or thereabouts, it is that the law isn’t similarly to all in this country. 

I comprehend what you are thinking … ‘it took you until 2015 to make sense of this?’ 

No, I knew about this before 2015, yet as far back as Trump’s triumph, it appears as though the foundation has quite recently halted in any event, imagining that they are not exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else, and those of us with specific qualities and convictions are dependent upon the utilization of the law as a weapon against us. 

Not exclusively are any semblance of HRC and her companions wandering indiscriminately, not prosecuted and organizing upset endeavor after overthrow endeavor against our properly chosen President, it appears that specific classes of ‘common’ Americans are currently beneficiaries of ‘extra’ rights. 

Review, maybe, the story we gave an account of not long ago in which a man was condemned to 15 years for taking and … consuming a gay pride banner. 

Consuming the American Flag is Constitutionally secured discourse, as I trust it ought to be. Would I ever consume the American Flag? In all likelihood not, in any case, I do accept that doing so ought to be secured under the first Amendment as political discourse. Moreover, the demonstration of the consuming our banner all by itself informs the country a great deal regarding who the individual doing as such, IMHO. 

Anyway, it appears that a Minnesota lady had the option to transform a criminal traffic offense into a $120,000 pay day in citizen reserves. 

The Gateway Pundit detailed: ‘A judge gave a warrant for Aida Shyef Al-Kadi’s capture after she missed a court hearing after she was ticketed for a traffic offense. 

Al-Kadi documented a claim guaranteeing the area “disregarded her established rights and oppressed her for her strict convictions” for compelling her to evacuate her hijab before a male prison protect. 

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