Michelle Obama Assembles 2020 ‘Voting Squad’ – It’s Packed With Hollywood Millionaires

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Michelle’s voting squad’s full of “regular Americans,” right? Not exactly…

The 2020 Election is getting closer, but the left is far from picking a candidate.

They know they are in trouble. With Trump’s record-breaking economy, there’s not a single liberal who could promise better.

Some hoped Michelle Obama would make a difference. But the former first lady is not running, much to their disappointment.

She is, however, trying to get as many Americans as possible into making sure Trump loses 2020.

According to her, she’s forming her “squad” of regular Americans who will be voting.

Um… regular folks, really?

Just check out some of these “regular” rich, elitists.

From Twitter:

“With less than a year to the 2020 elections, it’s time to start thinking about your #VotingSquad.

I’ve got mine: Shonda. Liza. Selena. Tom. Lin-Manuel. Tracee. Faith. Kerry. Chris. Janelle. Megan. Rita. Join us at http://whenweallvote.org and learn how you can get involved.”

Okay, Michelle. Once again, you and your husband prove you represent the richest, most entitled, most out-of-touch people in America.

Michelle wants you to believe that Democrats are the party of normal Americans. Except, her “squad” are the super-elite who live in mansions in New York or Los Angeles.

These are people who earn more a month than most of us will earn in a lifetime.

People who frequently lecture us for “clinging” to our guns and religion. People who exploit Americans to get richer and fatter.

But we’re supposed to believe the Democrats have our best interests at heart?

Who will the 2020 Democratic candidate really care about: you or the super-rich that support them?

Michelle thinks she’s impressing us with her “star-studded” band of elitists. She’s only proving that the left is a party of the powerful and greedy.

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