Megyn Kelly Scolds Harris On Debate Facial Expressions: ‘Take It Like a Woman’

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Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly scolded Sen. Kamala Harris on Wednesday for various facial expressions she made during that evening’s vice presidential debate.

Kelly took to Twitter to argue that there are better ways to deal with a political opponent.

Kelly tweeted that Harris should take Vice President Pence’s criticism “like a woman” and not “make faces.”

Kelly was asked to clarify her remarks by A&E’s Elizabeth Vargas, formerly of ABC News, in a tweet.

“Take it like a woman?” Vargas tweeted.

Instead of “like a man,” Kelly replied. “We can be stoic too.”

Others made similar comments as Kelly:

President Donald Trump declared Vice President Mike Pence the winner of the vice presidential debate with Sen. Kamala Harris.

The president fired off many tweets on Wednesday night, including several where he praised Pence for his debate performance and doing a great job of highlighting the radical agenda of Biden-Harris.

‘Mike Pence WON BIG!’ Trump wrote on Twitter after the debate was finished.

During the debate, Trump also praised Pence’s performance.

“Mike Pence is doing GREAT! She is a gaffe machine,” he wrote.

The president shared highlights of the debate on Twitter, including a clip of Pence celebrating the Trump political movement fighting back against the Washington establishment that included Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I think that movement of Americans has only grown stronger in the last four years,” Pence said.

Many have argued that Harris’s delivery was similar to Biden’s in last week’s debate — meaning that while both Biden’s and Harris’ performances did no harm, they also did not do much good because they dodged serious questions and didn’t take control like a leader would do.

In short, Harris did what Biden too often does — avoid tough questions or regurgitate worn-out and meaningless slogans.

Pence managed to set the record straight on Harris’ character — that she can and should be challenged on her record and that she is an extreme leftist who, along with Biden by the way, will enact those same liberal policies if they win the election.

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