Kathy Griffin: I’m ‘Patiently Waiting For Trump’s Coma to Commence’

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Fading anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin said she wants to watch President Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday just to “see him croak.”

Kathy Griffin tweeted to her 2.1 million followers:

“I kinda wanna watch trump’s rally Saturday night to see him croak.”

Griffin, who frequently criticizes the President, later added that she was “patiently waiting for trump’s coma to commence.”

But unfortunately for Griffin, Trump has been recovering from the coronavirus after testing positive over a week ago.

Trump revealed that he was “medication-free” on Friday.

“Right now, I’m medication free – not taking any medications as of probably eight hours,” Trump said.“I am medication free, which frankly makes me feel good.””I don’t like medication.”

Trump said he felt both “really good” and “really, really strong.”

Since the Commission on Presidential Debates stated it would not reconsider its controversial decision to make the second presidential debate virtual, despite President Donald Trump refusing to participate in such a format, Trump has opted resume his campaign rallies,“I think I’m going to try doing a rally on Saturday night if we can — if we have enough time to put it together,” Trump said.”But we want to do a rally probably in Florida on Saturday night,” he told Hannity on Thursday.“I might come back and do one in Pennsylvania in — the following night. And it’s incredible what’s going on. I feel so good.”Griffin has remained a vile critic of Trump and Republicans, though she has complained her attacks have left her “unemployable and uninsurable.”Griffin also called Kayleigh McEnany and Kellyanne Conway “assholes.”

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