John Kerry Has Committed A Treason. Should Trump Put Him in Jail ?

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” Do you envisage whether a previous administration of the Bush administration had accomplished something like this during the President of USA

” Barack Obama ” administration It has now been claimed that the former Secretary of The State John Kerry left despite the good faith of the Trump administration and consulted Iran’s accelerated nuclear device by Obama just a month ago “

Now the President of ” The United States Of America ” Donald Trump has been relied on to pull the country out far from the Iranian market which he has described as one of the most terrible he has ever seen, ahead of his 12 May deadline

Kerry, one of the main designers of the arrangement, generally considers this an ambush for his own legacy by himself for sure .

What he’s obviously doing is not enough to be a secretary of state and to consult for the Country as if it were a commensurate to injustice or in any event criminal misrepresentation.

After all as a private native Can not simply bounce over the ” Canadian country “and begin consulting with their legislature for The Washington White House benefits and advantages §§ He should give up saying that the Iranians are missing Barack Obama and John Kerry, so having no problem evading the Trump administration on this issue!

We do not consider the Member States as The president of the United States Donald Trump .The United States is not just the current grassroots association (..) but many characters have different perspectives on global and regional issues said / Bahram / Qassemi / a delegate of the Iranian Foreign Ministry (…)

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