Joe Biden Promises Pathway To Citizenship For 11 Million Illegal Aliens

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Joe Biden promised a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens during his campaign rally on Super Tuesday in Los Angeles, CA.

Subsequent to stirring up his significant other and sister, promising to discover solutions for Alzheimer’s malady and malignant growth whenever chose president, and portraying “environmental change” as an “existential risk” to mankind, Joe Biden made his vow to offer citizenship to displaced people.

As he did with his whole articulation, Biden read his guarantee for a “pathway” to citizenship for foreigners off an elevated monitor. He connected displaced people with specialists on call, educators, development and assembling laborers.

“These are the individuals that manufacture our scaffolds, fix our streets, guard our water, who show our children, look who race into consuming structures to secure others, who develop our nourishment, construct our autos, get our trash, our roads,” said Biden.

“Veterans, DREAMers, single parents, and incidentally, every DREAMer, have trust since I’m coming and you’re not going anyplace. We will give a pathway, a pathway for 11 million residents.”

During his location, Biden tried to underscore his triumphant of agents from both Vermont and Massachusetts, given the two states being the homes of Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), separately.

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