Hours Before The Vice-Presidential Debate, Trump Accuses Kamala Of Being Even Further Left Than Bernie

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President Trump might just be watching tonight’s debate.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not getting involved.

Vice President Pence will debate candidate Harris—the woman hand-picked by Biden’s camp to run with him.

Maybe believe that Harris might have a greater role in the White House than is normal.

President Trump seems to worry about the damage Harris will do if elected. In fact, he thinks that Americans won’t have Biden for long.

And he’s reminding us just what kind of “leader” she is:

She is far further left than Crazy Bernie. Biden would not last a month!

Kamala Harris “is radical in her positions and cagey in hiding them. She is driven by a radical agenda that is out of step with the values of our exceptional country.”

Trump explained that Sen. Kamala Harris is even further left than “crazy” Bernie Sanders.

He warned the country that Biden “would not last” a month in office.

It appears he’s saying that if elected, Biden would not last long as president, for some reason stepping down soon after the inauguration.

Which would lead to far-left Harris as president. Quite the scary thought—and it’s not even Halloween yet.

Out of all the Democratic senators in office, Harris has the most radical voting record. Even Bernie is more “conservative” than she on many issues.

And if Biden wins, this radical is just a step away from taking over.

What would Harris do as president? She would most likely rubber-stamp every far-left, radical agenda out there.

Forget about the Green New Deal. She’d welcome anything and everything that leftist socialists want.

The economy could be turned upside down. Lockdowns might last forever. Churches could become a thing of the past.

Don’t believe us? Just look at what radical Democrats are doing all over the country. Then multiply that by 100.

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