High-Ranking Military Official Is Now Openly Threatening To Conservatives: ‘To Be Clear Tucker… Trust Me, You Would Know If The DoD Attacked You’

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The United States Military is now publicly threatening and making fun of journalists and conservatives.

A week ago US Military Brass carried out a coordinated attack on their latest foe, FOX News host Tucker Carlson.

This happened after Tucker Carlson mocked the military and Joe Biden for the important new program focusing on “maternity flight suits” for pregnant women flying military planes.

Command Senior Enlisted Leader of United States Space Command, Scott H. Stalker, decided to lash out at Tucker Carlson for doing his job as a journalist and mocking the nonsense coming from the left today.

Then the official US Marine Corps Twitter account piled on “boomer” Tucker Carlson, Fox News, and attacked civilians for daring to use their First Amendment rights.

And now… A Commander Sergeant Major openly threatened Tucker Carlson with violence:

“The DoD didn’t “attack” your show, we absolutely disagree with you! Trust me, you’d know if the DoD attacked you—it’s a doctrinal term.”

“To be clear, this isn’t a political stance! @TuckerCarlson came after MY FAMILY!! Women in the military are MY SISTERS! I DEFEND MY FAMILY! Defend—another doctrinal term!” he added.

This is INSANE! The world is probably laughing at us!

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