Ex-DNI Grenell: ‘Somebody Needs to Go to Jail’ for Russia Hoax

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Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell reacted to the recently declassified documents showing that former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Barack Obama on Hillary Clinton’s plan to smear Trump by alleging Russian collusion.

Grenell stated it was clear how the Russian collusion was a “hoax” that was kept quiet despite “career intelligence officials” knowing about it.

He then declared that “somebody needs to go to jail” for their involvement.

“We now know that not only was this a Russian collusion hoax but that it was known to be a Russian collusion hoax by career intelligence officials,” he said.

“And that’s a really big distinction,” Grenell told host Maria Bartiromo.

“We now know that insiders in the government at the CIA, at DOJ, at FBI, they knew that this was a Russian collusion hoax, and they allowed it to go forward for a variety of reasons,” Grenell added.

“They were convinced that Hillary would win, and they didn’t really want to challenge Goliath,” he said.

“They thought that their careers could be benefited if they just shut up. But here is the key to this whole argument, that politicians in Washington need to focus on,” he continued.

“I would also say the president’s cabinet members and the inspector generals all need to focus on,” he said.”Right now, we have Comey and Brennan and others saying that they didn’t know that this was a Russian collusion hoax,” he added.

“Their people knew, and so what we need to figure out is what level are these individuals going to go to jail,” Grenell said.

“Somebody needs to go to jail and be prosecuted first, obviously, and this is a slam dunk. They lied to the American people,” he stated.”They knew a truth, and they hid the truth. This can never happen again. We cannot allow our government to weaponize information to hold it back.”“The American people need to understand that those in Washington are hiding information from them,” he added.“They think we’re stupid.”Last week, President Donald Trump signaled that Attorney General Bill Barr had enough evidence to charge top Obama Administration officials with spying on his 2016 presidential campaign.The President suggested that the Department of Justice is preparing to indict key members of the previous administration, including former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.

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