Donald Trump, Jr. is considering a run for Congress against Jerry Nadler

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It’s being widely rumored that Donald Trump, Jr, the President’s oldest son, is considering a run for Congress — against his father’s arch-nemesis, the impeachment ringleader Jerry Nadler, who was first elected to public office in 1976.

Nadler is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and has been the principal architect of President Donald Trump‘s impeachment. He represents New York’s 12th congressional district, comprising the West Side of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.

The district has a Democrat enrollment advantage of 23 points, according to the Cook Political Index (CPI). But for New York State, that’s a middle-of-the-pack district — there are nine districts in the State that are even more strongly Democrat-leaning.

Given President Trump’s unprecedented support of Israel in recent years — from ending the Iran agreement to relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem — it’s widely thought that he could rally the district’s influential Jewish community around his son’s candidacy.
“Nadler is the quintessential career politician and has exposed himself as a petulant political hack, not a statesman,” one longtime New York County Republican committeeman explains. “If Don Jr. takes socially liberal and fiscally moderate policy positions, and makes the election about getting big infrastructure projects done for New York City, then he can make the race competitive.”

“More importantly, it drains a massive amount of time and resources for the Democrats’ New York-based political machine, in a district that they shouldn’t have to spend a dime on,” he argues. “And if you consider how effectively the Trump family has been able to wield free media, who knows what could happen.”

In December 2017, Nadler criticized President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In 2015, Nadler voted to support an agreement to lift economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran’s compliance with the terms of the agreement which called for substantial dismantling and scaling back of their nuclear program.

Nadler gained national prominence during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, when he described the process as a “partisan railroad job”.

According to the National Journal, Nadler is one of seven members of the House of Representatives who tie for most liberal.

In 2002 and 2003, Nadler had laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery, helping him lose more than 100 pounds.

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