CNN Admits Their Impeachment Endgame – They Want To Make Nancy Pelosi Our First Female President

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It’s so much bigger than anyone expected!

Democrats have been playing a bizarre game of cat-and-mouse impeachment for years.

Now, they’ve finally banked their entire reputations on a phone call with Ukraine.

Sane people can see there is nothing there. Trump did nothing wrong when he spoke with the Ukrainian president. So why are Democrats fighting so hard to make this look like an impeachable offense?

I can’t say for sure, I’m not as crazy as the left.

But CNN, the poster child for deranged Democrats, has a theory.

They think that, through this House impeachment push, they can get rid of both Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Paving the way for something unimaginable. From Breitbart:

As House Democrats seek to progress their efforts Thursday to impeach President Donald Trump, CNN is speculating whether one unintended consequence could see Vice President Mike Pence also sidelined, leaving the way clear for Nancy Pelosi to take the reins of office…

“What might follow could be a double impeachment scenario that would make heads spin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the president of the United States. After Pence, she’s next in the line of succession.”

I don’t know about you, but if I was a Democrat, the last person I’d want president was Nancy Pelosi!

We’ve seen this long-time Democrat break down throughout the year. From odd gaffes to showing a total lack of spine, Pelosi is not fit for her current job, let alone the White House.

But Democrats have made it clear they do not recognize the Trump administration. They play make-believe that he’s not even president and that 2016 never happened.

So, of course, these same idiots would believe they could get rid of both Trump and Pence.

Here’s the 100 million dollar question: can they do it?

It’s a longshot that they can get rid of Trump. Even if the House votes to impeach, the trial goes to the Senate. And the Senate’s not going to remove Trump with no evidence.

On top of that, Mike Pence is as clean as a whistle. He has a stellar reputation as a former governor and now vice president.

He was never even remotely implicated in the Russian hoax or this new Ukrainian nonsense. Good luck trying to pin a crime on a man like that!

But these are Democrats we’re talking about. They live in a fantasy world where news outlets like CNN are “real news.”

If they are trying to set up Pelosi as the next president, they really have lost it big time.

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