Biden Suggests Voters Who Think They’re Better Off Under Trump ‘Probably Shouldn’t’ Vote for Me

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made quite the comment this week about American voters.

During an interview with Cincinnati’s WKRC Local 12 on Monday, Biden seemed to suggest that if people think they’re better off today than they were under the Obama-Biden administration, “their memory is not very good,” and “they probably shouldn’t” vote for him.

Local 12 anchor Kyle Inskeep asked, “I want to talk a little bit about the economy. Gallup reported last week, 56% of Americans said that they were better off today than they were four years ago, [which] would have been under the Obama-Biden administration. So why should people who feel that they are better off today, under the Trump administration, vote for you?”

Biden’s response was very telling.

“Well, if they think that, they probably shouldn’t. If they think — 54% of the American people are better off economically today than they were under our administration? Well, their memory is not very good, quite frankly,” he insultingly said.

“And in addition to that, we have a president who doesn’t share the values of most Americans. He’s not very honest with people. He is flouting the conventions relative to public safety in terms of, even now, not wearing a mask, a guy who has been a super spreader, and so on,” Biden added.

“So I — but look, whatever they believe, they should go out and vote. People should vote. Period. If I’m elected, I’m not going to be a president — a Democratic president. I’m going to be a president for all Americans, whether they voted for me or against me,” he added.


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