After Woke-a-Cola Turns On Georgia – Republicans Move To Kick Their Drinks Out Of Government Offices

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What’s Happening:

It’s getting to where you can’t enjoy American-made products anymore without the left shoving its views in your face.

Liberal-owned companies are coming out of the woodwork to virtue signal over Georgia’s new election law. They seem more concerned with appealing to Democrats than winning over American customers.

We all know about how MLB “punished” Georgia, moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta and costing Georgia around $100 million, only to move the game to a less diverse city—with similar voting rules.

Coca-Cola, a literal American icon, joined the “woke” bandwagon to criticize its home city of Atlanta. So, Republicans are making their disgust known not just with words, but with action.

From Daily Wire:

Georgia Republican state lawmakers want Coca-Cola to remove its products from congressional offices after the company slammed the state’s new election reforms…

“Given Coke’s decision to cave to pressure from an out of control cancel culture, we respectfully request all Coca-Cola Company products be removed from our office suite immediately,” they demanded. “Should Coke choose to read the bill, share its true intentions and accept their role in the dissemination of mistruths, we would welcome a conversation to rebuild a working relationship.”

Georgia lawmakers are planning to Coke products from their offices, calling out the company for spreading what they believe to be misinformation about the new voting laws.

Coca-Cola, along with other groups, have been repeating questionable claims about the voting law. Most of these came from Joe Biden and other Democrats about the closing of polling times and bringing water to stand in line.

Coca-Cola’s headquarters is in Atlanta, so I guess they thought it was better to turn on their own than look bad in front of Democrats.

Georgia state leaders are sending a message that they will not support a company that is trying to undermine the process of protecting their elections.

How about corporations stay out of politics? Most already throw plenty of money at politicians.

If the people of Georgia don’t like the laws, they can always elect leaders that can reverse them.

(Ironically now, many think they have a safer election process to do that, thanks to this new law.)

The big bonus to this move is that Georgia lawmakers will no longer be drinking one of the worst things you can put into your body. Coke is very useful – for cleaning your engine block.

So, maybe we should be thanking Coke for showing its true colors.

Are you going to be drinking Coca-Cola products?

Key Takeaways:

  • Coca-Cola joined other companies in smearing Georgia’s new voting laws.
  • Georgia state leaders plan to remove Coke products from their offices.
  • They are calling out the company, demanding they retract their attacks.

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